We Can Help You Plan An Alaska Back Country Adventure

Welcome To Alaska Back Country Guiding

We are a group of professionally trained and experienced mountain guides based in Alaska. Our mission is to provide memorable and exciting adventures and tours of the Alaska back country. Whether you are a outdoor enthusiast who is looking for a camping trip in Alaska or a skilled climber or mountaineer, our guides can help you come up with a trip plan for your adventure. Check out some of the activities we offer below or explore our popular trips. Looking forward to seeing you out there!


Remote Hiking Trails

Explore secret ice caves and glaciers

Remote Camping Trips

Catch fish and enjoy the Alaskan rivers

Ice Cave Exploration

Explore secret ice caves and glaciers

Climbing And Mountaineering

Live life close to the edge with climbing and mountaineering

Fishing Trips

Tired of fishing with the same fishing hole year after year? Perhaps it's time to get your feet with some Alaska fishing this year. Ask us which destinations we have to offer for those who want to catch the big one on our guided fishing tours.

Boat Trips

If you are looking for a boat trip we have many different options to suit your needs. You can book our boat trips to explore areas that are inaccessible from land. Whether you want to go hiking, fishing or just look for animals to photograph. We know all of the best boat rentals.

Northern Lights

Our team knows where the best areas to see the northern lights are and also when the best times are to view them. Inquire with a member of our team about your desire to see the northern lights and we can help you plan a trip. We guarantee you will never forget the spectacular northern lights!

Outdoor Education

We host a wide variety of workshops and classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Some of the various skills and knowledge we teach are: wilderness first aid, map reading and orienteering, camping basics, mountaineering and climbing, belaying, self arresting, wild crafting and wildlife education.

Bird Watching

A lot of people call and ask us if they can see eagles. We used to tell them that the eagles are everywhere because this is Alaska! However they would actually want to set up an entire eagle watching adventure. So we now offer exclusive bird watching and eagle watching trips.

Wildlife Viewing

The wild life in Alaska are majestic and beautiful. However they can also be dangerous and unpredictable. Our team knows when and where to view specific types of wildlife and can help you get to them and safely view them and capture amazing photography and videography.

Popular Trips

Browse through some of our most popular trips, all which require no prior experience or specialized skillset and training. They are designed to give you a kick start to you adventures in Alaska. Many people who come to Alaska with specialized skillsets and a very good idea about what they want to accomplish with their trip often include these into the beginning or end of their adventure schedule. They are also a way for people who have no special training and don’t know where they want to go to get started .

Destinations and Activities

Regardless of your skillset or experience level our mountain guide team has something to take you to the next level. Whether you want to learn or take your skills to new heights there is always something for everyone. Destinations all over Alaska can be reached by water, air or ground transportation services.